2014 Sandbox Summit: Making Child-Driven Learning a Global Reality


Presenation by Tinsley Galyean, Ph.D. and Stephanie Gottwald, Leaders, Global Literacy Project

In a remote area of Ethiopia, where children had no access to schools or teachers, The Global Literacy Project deployed tablets preloaded with educational apps and activities to children who had no previous exposure to any digital device. Within the first day, with no instruction or intervention, the children were able to self-organize and learn through their own initiative. Within a year, they were computer literate and had made remarkable gains in basic language and literacy skills. This extraordinary endeavor confirmed that child-driven learning has the ability to transform the lives of those who would otherwise remain illiterate.

The leaders of Global Literacy Project will discuss their ground-breaking research and findings and pose this challenge: How can all of us, at the nexus of learning and technology, contribute to a global learning initiative.