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DECOUPAGE wall decoration with crackles DIY ideas decorations craft tutorial

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You need ceramic tiles wall decoration, acrylic paints, napkin, decoupage glue, varnish, crackle medium, water, brush, sponge.
I found at home ceramic tile which was wall decoration and I decided to
give it a makeover. First I painted it with white acrylic primer.
When it dryed I gave it another coat of pink acrylic paint.Later that color
will show through the cracks, After drying
I applyed one component crackle medium. But you should
do that carefully, don´t go several times with a brush over the same place
because that will probably ruin your cracks. When you are done leave it
to dry well. Next step is to paint it with white acrylic paint
(or any other color you choose). At this point you also need to be careful
and not overlap the layers of paint. As soon as you start painting
you will notice that cracks are already showing.
I took a napkin (only top printed layer) and I soaked my brush in water and gently went with my brush around the motive that I needed. After that is easy to tear the image off. The image will not have clear edges and it will better incorporate to the background.
I applied a thin layer of decoupage glue onto the tile and gently
placed a napkin motive.Then I took a plastic kitchen wrap and gently pressed over the napkin. This way there will be no wrinkless.I removed a plastic wrap and apllied decoupage glue (from the center to the edges of the motive). When it dries decoupage glue becomes transparent. I decorated edges of the picture with sponge and pink acrylic paint and covered the whole tile with a varnish.

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