DIY Gift Wrap & Craft Station Organization


Thumbs Up! ****See how I turned this thrifty ladder shelf into a Gift Wrap & Craft Station. Details on the blog @



  1. I love your wrapping/craft station.
    I saw in Pinterest an idea for storing wrapping paper rolls. Get a four legged stool turn it upside down, with the legs up. The paper rolls go in the center and the legs can hold bags or tools, depends what you want. The example in Pinterest had handmade tool holders hanging from two sides (between legs) and the apposite sides with gift bags. I thought that was a clever idea to keep those paper rolls under control.

  2. I am so inspired by you! Your station is not only organized but so gorgeous! I am so glad I found your channel! You are def one of my favs! Now I can't wait to sit down and watch all your videos! Thanks Denise! 

  3. Be still my heart. <3 The most beautiful gift wrapping station ever. I love that everything is accessible. I don't have much for gift wrapping but I do find myself running up and down the stairs gathering paper, tape, scissors. etc. and I can relate. 

  4. Hi Denise, love your video, so very neat and pretty. My situation, too much stuff. I am really going to pare down and try to be more organized, Loved your color scheme, you let the craft items, be the color, in the space, how practical and clever! I am inspired, heading over to your site to check further. Thanks for sharing, Hugs, Val

  5. Denise, that ladder is really nice.  I love that you painted the hardware gold on the storage drawers. Your craft area is very classy and neat.  You're the best. Your ideas are so cute!!!

  6. I love all your organizing craft shelves! I am working on my room that my husband build for me outside its a 12 by 12 room and it's my craft space I can't wait to share pictures on IG !! Thank u so much for all the great videos !! 😉