DIY Socket Trays for your tool chest


This DIY video evaluates various ways to organize your socket drawer. If you simply want to see the final solution(s) without all the discussion, jump to the last 30 seconds.



  1. You place the sockets upside down in the trays (3:30). if you place them the other way you will realize that the round molded shape at the base of the tray, fit perfectly the size of every socket.

  2. I use mostly rails for my sockets. Sometimes dealing with rails is a pain though. I have made some wooden holders for some of my mismatched socket sets I have. I don't route them, I drill them using bits that make flat bottomed holes. It is a hassle to make those, but I don't do it every day. I don't have nearly as many sockets as you do, but I try to keep them in a smaller space. So I need them packed in there pretty densely. There's no easy solution.