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Today I make my first ever Shopkins DIY Kawaii Squishy! I have watched a few of Cookie Swirl C’s awesome Shopkin Squishy videos and wanted to do it myself! The shopkin I chose for this DIY squishy project was from the new Shopkins Season 4 Shoppie Donatina playset, Rolly Donut! I love cake donuts so Rolly Donut was an obvious choice, I used 3D dimensional puffy paint on a squishy sponge, I used the colors pink, purple and yellow.

Kawaii Squishies are cute Japanese Characters converted into puffy, squishy toys. Donuts are perfect to be made into squishies, Shopkins Season 4 Donatina has 2 donuts and 4 mini donuts, with some puffy paint and sponge, I turned Rolly Donut into a cute Kawaii Shopkins Squishy.

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